Naturally Pure Medicine

Nutrition, Homeopathic Medicine and the Holistic Treatment of Children


Nutrition is a critical component of maintaining health and vitality. It is essential we provide the body with the building materials it needs to build and maintain its cells, tissues and organs.

Optimal Nutrition also provides the energy necessary for the trillions of biochemical reactions that sustain our body, give us movement and allow us to interact in the world.

When you start thinking about the energy the body produces it makes you wonder how we function at all! And all this comes from the food we put into our mouths – there is so much truth in the saying ‘we are what we eat’!

Many people believe that eating a well-balanced diet provides us with all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

In general, today our diet is high in processed foods, bad fats, sugars and food additives. Without understanding what is in food, it is difficult to make healthy choices.

Due to these poor choices in the food consumption most people are significantly depleted of vitamins and minerals.

We need to remember that What you put into your body and on your skin is the foundation for good health.